Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 8: Progress

Today we made the most progress of any day so far this season. During the 7 hours we caded today the team got the drivetrain cad finished, the ball manipulator cad about 50% done. The software subteam got the camera to see and track the target at 20 feet without the ring LED and some of the mechanical subteam built and tested a shooter prototype with mixes results. Unfortunately I missed the most exciting/dangerous part of the shooter according to reports. During the first test the motor and gearbox flew off of the mount and went a short distance. Luckily no one was hurt during this and they made sure to securely mount the gearbox next time.

Lunch today was provided by Lee's parents who grilled hamburgers and hot dog and they were excellent. Around that time some of our students were filming a commercial for Athens' TV to promote the team. Since we are just starting our relationship with Athens its good to have this commercial during the season to help recruit new students for next year. Along that same line one of the new Athens students showed up this afternoon and after a little bit of a tour she was right in working with the mechanical subteam.

Tonight I just have a little cad work to finish up while watching the NFL playoffs.

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