Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 15: Ah Ha Moment

Saturdays are normally the day that we get the most work done and today was no exception. After last night the first shooter prototype was nearly ready to go and with a little fine tuning this morning we are shooting by 9:30. These first few shots only went 10-12 feet and didn't have much air under them, so the students decided to mount to shooter at a 45 degree angle to try and get more consistency. The concept was easy but the execution seemed to be a problem. The first time they tried to mount it they ended up mounting it backward and it took them a couple of hours to fix this problem.

The middle of day was used for 2059's mandatory safety training. This is still kinda new to me cause we never really had full team safety training on Krunch, despite that I still knew everything they were talking about. Our safety mentor, who is the lead UL safety advisor at the North Carolina Regional, came by and helped led the team through the presentation and test that followed.

In the afternoon the students got the shooter prototype working again and this time it shoot the balls about as good as you could ask for. Our lead build student and one of our team captains began to work on recreating the prototype in Inventor and getting it to fit in the robot.

That about wraps up the day. The only other thing that happened was the parents got done building the field elements and brought them over to the build room.

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