Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 14: Shooter

Before I start talking about the meeting I was watching Head Rush on the Science Channel and they had a bunch of filmed segments from Championships this past season. It was pretty cool except that the guy that was reporting made a bunch of inaccurate comments. I can tolerate some inaccuracies when talking about FIRST because most common people don't understand everything about FIRST. But in this case he made some obvious mistakes like saying that Minibots are launched in the last 30 seconds instead of the last 10. This in my opinion is unacceptable because its such an easy thing to fix and wouldn't have taken up any more time. Hopefully as FIRST continues to grew these mistakes will be lessened.

Now on to the meeting. Tonight we continued to work on shooters prototypes and the one that is closest to working continues to have a ton of problems and hasn't managed to shoot a ball more than 5 feet. Hopefully tomorrow will be a big day for the shooter and we can finally decide on a design. Not a whole lot else got accomplished but we are getting closer to being able to do Palmetto which I am very excited about.

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