Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 13: Back to the grind

I returned to the meeting tonight to find that the team is working on two different shooter prototypes. I was happy to see that but I wasn't to happy with the progress they made last night. Luckily tonight a lot of work got done and its looking like we'll be able to shoot tomorrow. As long as one of them works we can get it caded and get the parts ordered soon to stay on schedule.

As for everything else, our Mcmaster and Banebots parts ordered and the AndyMark stuff will be ordered tomorrow. That still puts us a least 10 day ahead of last year, which is good. The software team was a little slow tonight because our lead student wasn't there and the design team started to work on a new method to turn our lazy Susan, a big thank to Team 95 for the idea.

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