Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 2: Taking stock of the situation

For some reason a number of my students didn't think we would meet today because during the rest of the season we don't meet on Sundays. To avoid falling behind I pushed to have a meeting and so we met for 4 hours today and after that we still have 0% of the cad done. The biggest thing that I noticed is that all 7 of the students that attended today's meeting, less than 50% of the team, hadn't read the rules and didn't seem to broken up by it.

Despite that we continued to work through the how of the robot, making some changes to the drivetrain, finalizing the collector, and figuring out what motors to use. Of course I can't really say what we're doing cause its a secret.

We spent the last hour of the meeting discuss the feasibility of building two robots and if a couple of things fall into place then it will happen. Don't expect to hear more about it for a couple of weeks.

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