Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 10: Ordering...

Today was the day that I had identified as the day we would finish cad and order parts. That kinda of happened. I had about 80% of the cad done but the other 20% isn't anywhere near to being finished. It is a little disappointing but not unexpected after last year. As for the ordering I had a BOM ready to go, but for Banebot and Digi-Key we need the coupon code off of FIRST and their website was down. So I guess the parts will be ordered tomorrow which isn't that bad.

As for the actually robot, our FIRST Choice stuff came today which included the ring LED. It did take the software subteam almost 2 hours to get it hooked up which could be a bad sign, except that the camera is still tracking the target which is good. The shooter prototype still doesn't work and tomorrow the mentors are going to push for the students to start over with a simpler one. Hopefully they can come up with a good idea and get it to work.

I just have one more robotics based thing to do tonight, but it may wait until tomorrow morning.

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