Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 1: Aim High 2.0

I was up pretty early this morning, you know that whole nervous energy thing, and I got to Dorton around 9 the rest of the arrived by 10 and we sat down to watch kickoff with most of North Carolina. As soon as Bill showed the poof ball I was so happy. My first impression of the game is that it should be pretty interesting.but we'll see how it goes.

During lunch I attended the first NC Team Council meeting. It was relatively interesting and should be a big help to teams in the near future. After that I began to review the rules with some of the members of team 3459, Pryotech, to get ready for the human game. Basically we just played the game with human similar to each year at TNT, just a little more structured cause we're trying to learn about the game. I learned a good bit of strategy including that scoring isn't as easy as it looks and there aren't many penalties.

Hitchhikers ended up leaving a little early to meet and discuss our game strategy. I won't go into details but we were able to finalize a relatively simple strategy and discuss most of the robot design.

Tomorrow we're meeting in the afternoon and should a have a smaller group because most of the students have homework, who knew? Hopefully we can get the drive train caded so we can order the parts asap.

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