Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 22: It's a Good Day

Overall today was a good day. It started off this morning with the shooter shooting at full power approximately 30 feet and still sailing over the top hoop. To fix this and allow us to tune it in we decided to put together an electronics board to control the shooter. Our main electrical student wasn't there today so it was a good learning experience for the rest of the students. It took most of the day to do that but by the end of the day we could consistently shoot from the front of the key and make shoot after shoot which is awesome based on where we were earlier in the week.

The shooter design continued to be caded and should be done by Monday, hopefully. The rest of our parts are out for machining and should be done soon.

Other than that Rich and I made a run to Home Depot today to pick up some tool, PVC, and shelf liner for the robot. I won't reveal what we're going to use it for but you can use your imagination.

We don't have a full team meeting tomorrow, so I'll be back with another worthwhile update on Monday.

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