Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 21: Clutch

I'll start off tonight's post with some football. With regards to raising money to attend the Palmetto Regional we kinda handled it like Tim Tebow, started off really slow and up until the end it looked like we wouldn't be able to do it. But like Tebow we came through in the clutch and now The Hitchhikers are attending two regionals.

And now back to basketball, oh and some robotics as well. We started off tonight discussing ways to improve our shooter prototyped and I told the students about a couple of ideas I saw on Chief Delphi. The students then began to implement some of the ideas and by the end of the night we had a shooter that could shoot consistently farther and more accurately than any other prototype so far.

Other than that the Chairman's team continued to make progress and the parents started planning the Palmetto trip.

It seems to be getting late in the season but compared to last year we are way ahead. To give you an idea the my main BOM from last year is dated 1-28, which is tomorrow, and we didn't even order those parts until a day or two later. This year we have ordered 75% of are parts and a bunch of them are already out for machining so I'm feeling good right now.

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