Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 29: A lot of Problems and some Solution

This morning I ran the Krispy Kreme Challenge so I was a little late to the meeting. The first thing we had to do was move some stuff out of the build room because our host Inserv is redoing some of their building and we had some violations. None of them were too serious so it wasn't that big of a deal.

When we finally got down to working on the robot that is where the problems began. Our collection system is mounted between two cross members on the frame and despite mounting them three or four times we couldn't get them to line up right. That had an easy solution which is to mount the collection system and then mount the front crossbars. We got some more machined parts today including the final parts for the gearboxes. When we tried to assemble them we found that some of he holes on the output plate were 3/16" off which basically makes the plate worthless. I'm not sure how you mess something like that up but we're probably just going to get a new one machined and work with the a modified current one for now. The last problem was the PVC pipe we got for our rollers last week was too big and so we had to try to find some pipe that would fit. Two of our students went to Ace and found the right pipe but they didn't have any money so they had to call our lead mentor and he went out and bought the pipe.

Those were really the main problem we faced today but they all just seemed to come one after another. Other than the problems we actually got a lot of work done today. Parts of the collection tower were fabricated, the software team created code that used the camera on our prototype shooter to make over 80% of our shoots. They also taught some of the freshman Labview which will be good for the future.

The Hitchhikers don't have a full team meeting tomorrow so I guess I'll just enjoy the Super Bowl after I study.

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