Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 27: Sanding and Filing

Once again we got a new student today which bring our total to 22 or twice the number of students at the end of build season last year.

Tonight we did a lot of sanding and filing, as the title says, as well as some cutting. The base plate was finished and the gussets were sanded by the girls. The two new students did a lot of manual filing on a number of items. The software team finished data collection for their distance graph and explained to me at the end of the meeting that we need like 10 formulas in the software to make it work with the graph.

In other news we had to made a couple of quick design changes due to some parts still being out of stock. These changes resulted in a new subsystem being added to the robot. Unlike subsystem 5 I actually have a name for this one I just don't feel like sharing it.

Tomorrow we will really get down to fabing the robot so we can have it working by the beginning of next week.

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