Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 28: Framing

I feel like this is getting repetitive but tonight we had another new student join the team. A little back story before I continue with what happened at tonight's meeting. Last year we had 11 students from 4 school and 8 of them were juniors, now there seniors. Knowing this we looked to partner up with a local school and eventually choose Athens Drive High School, who's school color conveniently matched our team colors. It took a while to get everything worked out but we were able to work everything out at the end of last year and last week our current Athens students had an interest meeting at school which attracted 25 new students. 3 of them have now joined the team and I would expect most of the rest to join next year.

And know on to that robot we were supposed to be building. Tonight the frame came together really nicely and it looks really good minus all of the fingerprints. It should be finished up tomorrow and then we're just waiting on a couple of shaft and wheels to come in to finish the drivetrain. The students also started working on the collection tower and that should be finished up tomorrow as well.

Other than that the parents continued to work on planning the Palmetto Regional trip as well as some spirit stuff.

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