Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2013 Orlando Regional Thoughts

I meant to get this out sooner but coming back up to NC State after Spring Break I had a paper due yesterday and a test today, so hopefully you can forgive me (By you I mean my mom cause I'm pretty sure she is the only person that reads my blog).

All this post will include are a couple thoughts on Ultimate Ascent through two weeks and some fun facts from the Orlando Regional this past weekend.

  • Field Reset is a pain in the ass!!!! I can only imagine how much worse it would be if human players could throw white Frisbees.
  • The game moves relatively fast and a good robot can get 3-4 scoring runs in during teleop and still hang.
  • With 45 Frisbees in the drivers stations there is no need to be able to pick up off the ground at this point in the season.
  • Most human player throws were towards the main goals and not towards the pyramid goal where the colored Frisbees are actually special.
Fun Facts:
  • 79 became the 9th team to win multiple Florida/Orlando Regionals joining 233, 1251, 86, 179, 180, 1649, 108, and 1592 (If I forgot anyone I am sorry).
  • 744 won their first Regional as a team and as a school in 13 years of FRC.
  • 1772 was the first out-of-state team to win the Florida Regional since 2007 (Only the 4th such team since 2002) and that team, 1270, went on to qualify for Einstein. 
  • 79 eliminated 233 at the Orlando Regional for the first time ever. On the other hand 233 has eliminated 79 at least three times (all while I was a student!)
  • 4451 was the first rookie to make finals at the Orlando Regional since 1902 in 2006
  • 744 made their 3rd finals appearance in 5 years, 79 their 5th in 11 years and 233 their 3rd consecutive and 8th overall since 2002.
  • All three members of the winning alliance were ranked lower than 10th.
  • 79 and 744 partnered up for the 2nd time since 2009 with 744 being the alliance captain both times.
  • 79 qualified for Championship for the 16th year in a row, which should be the longest active non-Hall of Fame streak. Surprisingly the only time Krunch didn't merit qualify was 2008.
That about wraps up this post and if I think of anything else I will go back and add it later.

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