Friday, January 11, 2013

Firefly Analysis

A while back watching The Big Bang Theory they referenced Firefly and I decided to give it a shot and see if I liked it. Fast forward three month and this week I wrapped up watching not only the TV show but Serenity as well. I have a couple of thoughts on why it was cancelled and then I'll go into my thoughts of the series.

As for the reason that Firefly was cancelled I can think of three reasons.
1) I learned from The Big Bang Theory that Firefly was broadcasts on Friday nights and my first reaction was no wonder the show had low rating. Friday is not a good night for TV unless your a movie or a sport.
2) The show is a space western and I think that Joss Whedon took the western part a little to literally. Initially it was just a little to western for me, but by the end of the series it adjusted to more spacey.
3) Fox. I don't need to say much more but from broadcasting it on Friday nights to making Joss Whedon film a new pilot to airing episodes out of order, Fox is really to blame for Firefly's failure.

Now to my thoughts of the show:
Overall I loved it. During the final scenes of Serenity I was legitimately upset that the show was ending, and I don't normally fell that way about TV. I came to really like the characters and the thought of Inara leaving really worried me until I remembered that there was only one episode left. I don't really know what else it say. I found Firefly funny, entertaining and there really wasn't any cast member that I didn't like.

If you haven't ever seem Firefly and Serenity I would highly recommend it and if Joss Whedon is out there if you're not going to revive the show can you at least publish some books about what happens to everyone after they leave Mr. Universe's moon.

New Firefly fanboy Jacob  

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