Saturday, August 20, 2011

Apollo 18

Tonight while I was watching TV I saw a trailer for the new movie Apollo 18 which come out on September 2. The trailer contained footage of a secret 7th manned mission to the moon. Other trailers have shown a dead cosmonaut and the men being attach by an alien. This movie seems relevant to class because right now we are reading Angle of Attack which is a book detailing the first part of the Apollo program mainly focusing on the North American corporation. Many of the men profiled in Angle of Attack would have been involved with this secret mission having been involved throughout the program.
Apollo 18 shows how a big event in history, like the moon landing, can continue to have a large effect on the world even though it happened over 40 years ago. Many movies over the years have used the moon landing as an intregral part of there plot, for example earlier this summer Transformers: Dark of the Moon portrayed the moon program as a mission to examine the remains of the Autobot ship the "Ark" which crashed on the moon in 1961. Since the moon landing and the space race that built up to it were such momumental events in human history I forsee many more movies involving the moon and the Apollo program. I will try to get out and see Apollo 18 when it comes out in theaters next week.

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